NEW HOMES FOR FREE! (If you're a bee!)

Monday 17th June 2019 | | Royal Park, Ramsey-Reserve List in Place Contact the Sales Team for Information

We're really buzzing about our new 'bee bricks' which have just been installed at Royal Park in Ramsey - and we're not the only ones, Tim Graham, CEO of Manx Wildlife Trust said;

"This is another great example of how our homes can help make space for nature. With news about invertebrates and bees being in decline, adding bee bricks and other similar things like nest boxes and bat bricks is all part of wildlife friendly developments. We can all help make a Wilder Future, and this is a lovely simple example by Hartford Homes”

The Bee Bricks are made from 75% recycled materials and designed to provide cavity nesting spaces for solitary bees such as Red Mason bees and Leaf-cutter bees, both of which are non-aggressive.

Why not pop up to see our show homes at Royal Park Ramsey - there probably won't be any bees yet, but you never know! Dominic, our multiple award-winning Site Manager who's in the picture, is keeping an eye out for the first resident! :)

Royal Park show homes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 4pm.


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