Hartford Homes sponsors Isle of Play

Thursday 11th February 2021 |


Hartford Homes is providing a comprehensive sponsorship package to support local children’s Play and Rights charity, Isle of Play.

The sponsorship will ensure that Isle of Play’s hugely popular flagship scheme, Playing Out — a free, open access mobile play service that operates throughout the year — continues to give children of all ages the opportunity to create and play in a variety of inspiring locations across the Island, facilitated by the charity’s team of trained playworkers.

Hartford Homes has committed to a three-year sponsorship deal with the charity.

Isle of Play has worked with nearly 7,000 local families to date. Since the scheme began in 2018, Playing Out has welcomed and fired up the imaginations of over 14,000 children.

Hartford Homes architect, George Li, said:

“We’re delighted to sponsor the brilliant team at Isle of Play. The work they undertake spreads the joy of play and our Island’s great outdoors to local kids and families throughout the community — cementing the charity as a true Manx national treasure. As a local builder, families are at the heart of everything we do, so we’re well aware of the positive impact that schemes such as Playing Out have on the lives and development of children.”

“Hartford’s sponsorship of Isle of Play is a continuation of our commitment to investing in and supporting our unique Island community.”

Chris Gregory, Chief Executive Officer at Isle of Play, said:

“This sponsorship has come at a vital time for us. Without the financial support of Hartford Homes, there was a very real chance that Playing Out would not have been able to continue. Children’s Right to Play cannot be ignored, and a broad range of play opportunities is essential to the healthy growth of a child. This sponsorship presents an amazing opportunity to work in partnership with Hartford Homes, as well as securing the continued provision of Playing Out around the Island during the school holidays. We also hope we can help inform the incorporation of accessible play opportunities within their new developments, ensuring that more children are given the best opportunities to play and grow on the Island.”

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