Time to downsize?

Thursday 3rd December 2015 |

Make the most of your move by following these simple steps!

Moving to a new home for many is an exciting prospect, but it can also stir up emotions as we leave rooms full of memories behind. And for those choosing to move to a smaller home, it’s often even more difficult to face as you downsize your belongings along with your property.

But downsizing can be a positive experience: it’s a chance to de-clutter and clear out all your unneeded items and in-turn fill your new home with only the things you love the most.

If you’re thinking of moving to a smaller home but are daunted by downsizing, these simple steps could make it a little easier to digest.

Plan your move

Start big: Decide which furniture to take first. Make sure your chest of drawers will fit before you decide on bringing its contents- you don’t want to have to reshuffle everything if you can't squeeze it in.

Do the maths: Work out how much built-in storage you have in your new place and consider what will go where before you start packing anything. Measure all the spaces to make sure there's enough room.

Don’t rush it: Starting early and taking your time will mean you won’t have a mad rush at the end! If you go through one room at a time and consider everything in manageable chunks, this can alleviate some of the pressure.

De-clutter and feel good

Be ruthless! Do you need it? Will you ever use that toastie maker again? Will you wear the unworn dress from over a decade ago? Do you have to keep two teapots or seven golf umbrellas just in case? If the answer’s no then get rid – you won’t miss them but you will feel cleansed!

Donate or recycle: Knowing that your unnecessary items could better serve somebody else and in turn help a charity or organisation will make it easier to say goodbye. Donate unwanted clothes, books, crockery and ornaments to local charity shops and feel good about it! There are also charities that will collect quality unwanted furniture from your homes, taking away some of stress. Many of the amenity sites across the island also have areas for reusable item, from books to photo frames.

Downsize but don’t forget

Pass it on! Consider handing on some of your treasured items to your children, other family members or friends. From antique furniture to plants, they could give your belongings a new lease of life and you can continue sharing the enjoyment with them.

Be crafty: Scrapbooking is a great way to gather and record your experiences in one place and in turn make them easier to enjoy. Collect together keepsakes and souvenirs from your lifetime in one place and save space!

You decide: Going through drawers and old cupboards will bring back memories- you’ll find things you haven’t seen in ages. Enjoy the opportunity to reminisce, but only take with you what truly matters to you.

Just imagine the relief you will feel when you sit back with a cuppa (from your one-and-only teapot) refreshed, renewed and above all at home in your new place!

We have a number of properties that are ideal for those wishing to downsize, including bungalows at Cronk Cullyn in Colby, 2 bed apartments at The Pavilion in Ramsey and 2 bed retirement apartments at St Ninian's Court in Douglas. If you'd wish to discuss these or any of our properties, contact the sales team on 631000.

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