Dinosaur Bones Found at Bunscoill Rhumsaa

Wednesday 30th May 2018 | Events

A new innovative digging pit for the infants of Bunscoill Rhumsaa has been created by island property developer Hartford Homes, where already the children have found many interesting artefacts, including what was described by them as ‘dinosaur bones’.

“A digging pit is a great way to get the children engaged in many different and exciting activities,” explained Teacher Mary Louise Harper. “We started by getting the children to dig the hole but soon found that it was impossible with so many rocks just under the surface. I knew Hartford were working in Ramsey on the Royal Park development, so contacted them to see if they could help. Their response was wonderful, and they have sent us a crew that has not only dug the pit but also lined it with tyres and filled it with soft topsoil that the children will be able to work easily.”

“The new digging pit gives us so many opportunities for activities that really engage the children. We can hide things in the pit, like numbers, that the children can find and then put in order. One part of the pit will be used for growing flowers and vegetables, something that the children really love.  In a drama class recently, we re-enacted the Enormous Turnip fairy tale, which started with digging the turnip from the pit. It is only a pit filled with mud, but it adds so much to the children’s early stage education, and we’re so grateful to Hartford for their help.”

Hartford Homes Royal Park Site Manager, Dominic McGreevy, oversaw the works. “It’s definitely not our most challenging development we’ve ever tackled, but it’s certainly one we’re enormously proud of. Watching the children’s faces light up with excitement as we created the pit was just wonderful. I hope they have many years of fun with it.”

Following completion, the children presented their handmade thank you cards to the Hartford team. 

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