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Why Hartford

Selling your land

If you have land for sale, we would like to hear from you now. We are currently seeking development land for residential, commercial and industrial of all sizes and in most locations.

Wherever your land is, if you would be open to selling and are unsure on its potential we'd be happy to talk through. 

Hartford Homes is self-financing enabling us to move faster than many developers, helping you realise the value of your land quickly.  Contact us today.

How it works

Our team consists of experts in every aspect of land development, from planning and legals to design and construction, which means we can move faster and minimise delays and hassle. Our process is simple and designed to help landowners through the process easily.

1. Contact us with details of your land on 01624 631000 or email [email protected]. It doesn’t matter if you are not sure about planning consent or development suitability, our team will quickly help you establish that.

2. We will review the land for development suitability and advise you accordingly. Even if we do not want the land, we will advise on potential uses and opportunities for you.

3. If we see potential in your land, we will then create a Development Outline Plan consisting of proposed usage (residential, commercial, mixed use etc), terms and conditions and approximate timescales for planning approval.

4. Once an agreement is reached with you on the Development Outline Plan, we will create a legally binding Option Agreement. This keeps the property in your name but allows us to apply for planning permission. It will also include the mutually agreed terms and conditions.

5. We will then undertake a full site survey and begin the planning application process, all at our own expense.

6. On a successful planning decision outcome, we will then pay you within pre-agreed timescales.

Why choose Hartford?

We have a continuing need for development land and consider all opportunities no matter how big or small. We are self-financing and as such are able to make swift decisions.

Deliverability is a key issue in the zoning of new land for development, achieving planning approvals and subsequent construction. Hartford Homes enjoy a great reputation for delivery and having Hartford on board can help illustrate that the delivery chain is in place while also hopefully offering the right outcome for the landowner.


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